Top Signs Your Cedar Shake Roof Needs Maintenance or Replacement

Cedar shake roofs are a great way to differentiate your home from the others around you. Whether you currently own a home with a cedar shake roof or are looking to install one, it’s important to understand the tell-tale signs of roof damage. Although these cedar shakes are both beautiful and strong, they aren’t indestructible. Continue reading our blog to learn more about the signs your cedar shake roof needs maintenance.


If you are noticing discoloration on the interior walls and ceiling, this means your roof is leaking and no longer protecting your home’s structure. Take notice of where these stains are—this will give you a general idealization of which shakes need to be replaced. Call the professionals right away if wall and ceiling stains are prevalent—you’ll avoid further damage the sooner it’s fixed.


Although some slight warping and distortion can be expected, any curling and cupping that exposes the underlayment beneath the shakes are signs of necessary repair or replacement. Cedar shakes curl and cup after extended periods of UV radiation, rain, heat, and strong winds. Another reason your cedar shakes might curl is improper installation—ensure your cedar shake roof is installed by a trust professional like Superior Builders Inc.


As cedar shakes expand and contract, drying or cracking is inevitable. But it only becomes an issue when hairline cracks expand into bigger, deeper, gaps. If your roof has noticeable gaps in the shingles, your roof should be replaced or repaired to avoid the possibility of water damage.

Algae Growth and Rot Lastly, rot and algae are two common reasons for cedar shake roofs to need replacements and repairs. Especially if you live in a cool, rainy, and shady location. As your roof is exposed to a constant cycle of water and UV rays, it weakens the

shakes and begins to break the wood down—providing a perfect environment for algae growth. Some of the most obvious signs of these issues include fuzzy or furry edges between the shakes, discoloration and streaks, and frayed edges. If you have questions about the condition of your roof, call our office and talk with a Superior Builders Inc. professional.


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