Benefits of Replacing Your Old Windows

Windows have one of the most important roles in the build of a home. They provide curb appeal and beauty, but also provide protection from natural elements and unwanted guests. Just like anything in life, windows will age and become outdated. Your windows typically last about 12 to 15 years, and after that, they are most likely are no longer energy efficient. As a homeowner, if your windows are outdated and haven’t had an upgrade in a while, you should really consider it. Continue reading our blog to learn the benefits of replacing your old windows. Reduces your Energy Bill An important benefit of replacing your older windows is the amount of money you will be saving on your energy bill. When you get a new window installed, they are designed more efficient than the older models to keep out the natural elements. Newer windows are more insulated and reduce the chance of leaking air, which ensures your furnace and air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to keep your home properly ventilated. New windows will help you save money on your energy bill and extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. Raises your Home Value Just like any other home improvement project, a new window will increase the […]


Benefits of Cleaning Your Gutters

Temperatures are dropping, pumpkin spice is back, and leaves are changing colors. That can only mean one thing: Fall is here. With the fall season arriving, that means nagging leaves are trapped in your gutters. As a homeowner, you do not want to have leaves and debris in your gutters once winter arrives. This can lead to serious damages that are costly to repair. To prevent this from happening, continue reading our blog and learn the benefits of cleaning your gutters. Prevents water damage to your home One of the central reasons why you should clean your gutters in the fall is to help prevent water from seeping into your home due to clogged gutters. As a homeowner, structural damage is something that you want to avoid. Once water gets into your home, there will be a possibility that it can reach the foundation. This can lead to cracks and deterioration and ultimately weaken your home’s structural integrity. Clogged gutters can also lead to water damage to your home’s ceiling, floors, and walls. Keeping your gutters cleared helps prevent you from paying a costly price for home repairs. Extends the Life of Your Roof and Gutters The roof of your home is one of the first lines of defense from Mother Nature’s natural […]


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What It Means to Be a GAF Certified™ or Master Elite® Contractor

When researching a new roof, it’s virtually impossible to avoid the General Aniline & Film Corporation—widely known by its acronym, GAF®. You may be wondering who they are, as well as what it means to be a GAF Certified™ or Master Elite® Contractor and why it’s important. Read on to learn more about the company and its esteemed certification process. Who is GAF®? GAF® is North America’s leading roofing and waterproofing manufacturer—a title that’s backed by a history of innovative, premium quality products that can be traced back to 1886. The company produces materials for both commercial and residential applications. Today, more U.S. homes and businesses rely on GAF® roofs for protection than on any other. What Does Being Factory-Certified by GAF Mean for Contractors? In line with their commitment to quality products, GAF® has developed a stringent training and certification program for those who install their materials. Being factory-certified means a contractor has a reputation for excellent service and proven an exceptional level of knowledge, craftsmanship, and experience. In addition to providing instant credibility for contractors, GAF® certification demonstrates their commitment to ongoing education and development as it must be renewed annually. Each level requires certain qualifications and allows contractors to offer different warranties on the GAF® products they install. GAF Certified™ […]

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